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We are convinced that Health is Wealth and that you deserve to be healthy enough to live your best life daily.

According to findings published in the Journal of Economics and Sustainable Development by Idowu Onisanwa in 2014, it was discovered that a high level of economic growth can be achieved by improving the health status of the populace, especially if the current status is at a low ebb.

We believe that to achieve our fullest potentials as individuals and a nation, it is critical that we are healthy. When we are healthy, we can be the best version of ourselves and live our dreams. We are here to join you in making this happen because a healthy you leads to a prosperous you and nation. This is why at Marvel Natural Products (MNP), we are passionately committed to contributing our quota towards a healthier world by bringing to market safe and quality natural health products that are well researched and developed under globally acceptable standards.

We are proudly Nigerian and our eyes are set on taking locally made natural health solutions to the world.

To provide Natural Health Solution for All.
To be Africa's Leading Natural Health and Wellness Provider

Rida Bitters

Our factory and every stage of production is set up using ISO standards to ensure that every drop of RIDA in your mouth is safe and of the highest quality possible.

RIDA comes in 2 sizes - 250mls and 500mls.

Some of the herbs used in RIDA include:
- Colocythis Citrullus
- Uvaria Chamae
- Senna Alata
- Hunteria Umbellata

RIDA Bitters is available in leading pharmacies and Patent Medicine Stores nationwide.